Heifer Rearing
Heifer Rearing

Heifer Rearing – Managing the lifeblood of your business.

Heifer Rearing is one of the most important areas for managing the growth of your dairy business and is rarely monitored on farm.

Too often the health of the heifer is overlooked at the rearing stage and this can have a major impact on future fertility and milk production. Indeed, 14.5% of live born heifers failed to reach their first lactation, which represents a significant financial loss to farms.

The Advanced Heifer Rearing Program, originally developed with a Veterinary Nutritionist, aims to maximise the potential of young stock.

We focus on measuring and monitoring herds to improve calf health, rumen development and growth through this important period. We set growth weight targets based on the mature body weight of the herd from which the heifers originate.

On average, we are targeting first calving at 23 months (currently the UK average is 28 months). The benefits and financial savings by targeting 23 months means increased longevity within the milking herd and increased milk yields with healthier heifers.

Our Heifer Rearing program can benefit your herd through:

  • Improved calf health, rumen development and growth
  • Improved operating costs
  • Decreasing the time from birth to insemination
  • Reduced mortality rates.

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